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Video and Sound Diptych Montage

Using my audio self-portrait created earlier in the semester I created a diptych using video and sound as imagined for a projected video installation. This work reflects my development of my conceptual expressions through video as added to an existing soundtrack for two consecutively projected video pieces. I have created these two distinct yet related video works forming a diptych video montage, using the  techniques explored with my first animation project as well as other things I have learned in my past in terms of experimenting and mastering the vast range of technical possibilities for image processing. I used effects to play across the two screens to intesifiy my videos.

Pico Projection Mapping

My Pico Projection Mapping project was to develop a concept and create a small scale projection mapping project utilizing a Pico Projector. I chose a location was the Church Fine Arts Complex within the Digital Media Lab classroom environment making the bulletin posts on the wall come to life. I projected a video that includes special effects editing using for tutorials that allowed me to use Adobe Aftereffects to create an imaginative subversion of physical space.

Record Player “Cassi”, 2012 Mixed Media

My record player is inspired by the work of Tinguely and Marclay. This is a collaboration of sculptural machines and connections between sound and noise. My record player is designed from a children's "Sit'n'spin", motor and pulley making the entire sculpture function as one piece. I chose the record Mozart to signify a timeless production of sound and noise.
Instructions: Please take the pink detached cone and gently place it onto the record to listen. Please do not touch the sculpture or the on/off switch.
This record player is dedicated to my little sister, Cassi. I know all my hard work involved in this project and this class will reflect the hard work she has shown my family and I.                                                                   I love you.

Prospectives '12 Animation

This is my introduction video to the Prospectives '12 media festival. This International Festival of Digital Art highlights the work of graduate and PHD Candidates working across all disciplines utilizing experimental digital media. My piece says "I do" Prospectives '12 engaging the festival and my personal work into the art show. #flashanimation

Audio Self Portrait

Baby Cry

This is my Audio Self Portrait of a baby's cry, this was an incredible opportunity to play with layered sound. Using a recording device I recorded sounds from my everyday experiences. This is a snapshot of sound of my life. I used Audacity to warp and change the existing sound file. I feel it has changed tremendously and no longer holds the innocent sound of it's original form. Enjoy.