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Crowdsourcing Projects

1.) Two pieces were contributed and can be viewed on:      a) Man With the Movie Camera      b) Man With the Movie Camera 2.) Actual piece can be viewed on: Million Master Piece

Artist Summary: -->
There are many creative possibilities of "crowdsourcing" online, however choosing two unique art projects from a multitude of sites, was a difficult task. Man with the Movie Camera was an engaging and interesting concept. The website, which contains every shot in Vertov’s 1929 film, allows the participants to interpret Vertov’s shot and upload their footage to the database. A scene of railroad tracks was the first picture chosen as part of the project.  Two excellent sites, found on West Fourth Street in Reno, Nevada, were filmed and posted to the site. The One Million Master Piece also presented an intriguing and unique idea.  It allowed you to create a picture, enter it into the project, thus creating one, giant artistic collaboration. This site gathers artwork from one…

My Crowdsourcing Creation

“Crowdsourcing” is an interesting way of getting many people involved in an idea or thought process. My “crowdsourcing” idea is to make a unique clothing design website, where you can design fashions for seasonal collections. The participating artist would choose from a gallery of coats, tops, shoes, and bottoms. Then the participant would choose different prints and colors for the items picked. Finally, the entire ensemble will be submitted to a collaborative collection made by a variety of people.