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Machinima "The Animate"

Original Clip of The Graduate (4:00-6:00)

In collaborate efforts by a group of 4 we have created a 3D computer animation rendered in an online community know as Second Life. Working together, we have reenacted a 2:00 minute scene from The Graduate utilizing machinima techniques while preserving the original soundtrack. We have taken account of every detail possible including concept, environment, location and characters, filming and editing for our cinematic reenactment. This assignment gave us an opportunity to explore the creative possibilities to incorporate computer gaming and online communities into a different medium of artwork.


Using Autodesk's 123D Catch system, I attempted to capture and create a 3D bust portrait utilizing an iphone camera. Assigned to a partner in class, we collaborated on how to go about in capturing a perfect 3D model. After multiple attempts, capturing a total of 226 images with various light sources and times of day, the best model came out when we used morning indoor lighting that was diffused by curtains. The myriad of possibilities for representing the human figure in 3D is a fascinating new way of portraiture facilitated by new digital processes.

Artist Questions

Julian Oliver:
What made you change from architecture to games?
How do you view public spaces verses game spaces?

John Paul Bichard:
What inspired you to do in-game photography?
What do you find interesting about it?