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Artist and Technique Response Writing Assignments

Artist & Technique Response Writing Assignments
Vik Muniz - Wasteland
In the documentary “Wasteland ,”  artist Vik Muniz showed his travel to his native homeland of Rio Brazil and to Jardim Gramacho, the world’s largest landfill. He wanted to give back to a group of recycling pickers referred as “Catadores”.  Muniz achieved this by earning money from the paintings made of trash and gives it to the catadores. Muniz stated his intentions were to change the lives of people with the same materials that they deal with daily. Muniz thought his intention for going to Brazil would give back hope to the catadores but instead he just gave them false hope.
On the other hand many of catadores are humble and proud of their work, not everyone was fine being a catadores. In the film a female catadores named Isis, described how she felt being a catadores.  Isis, explains how embarrassed of being a catadores is, and because working on landfills are not enjoyable but it is a job with integrity. For…