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YouTube Video Montage

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Artist Summary:

The YouTube Video Montage, due to the wide range and selection of videos, was an interesting process. The composition represents the business and cluster of media and television.  The concept is based on flooding our minds with stimulus and determining the outcome. Varieties of videos were chosen to interpret the meaning throughout this piece, and are as follows:
(1)   The technology of beautification and image altering.
(2)   Charlie Sheen and how he is self-destructing in the eyes of the media.
(3)   The hypnotizing spiral showing the unknowingness of media and how it alters our      thoughts.
(4) (7) & (10) The images of people zoning out from television, showing how television wasn't       created to educate or enlighten you, but created to sell things and ideas. One video calls TV the drug of the nation.
(5) This video expresses the idea that there is always something better presenting itself to you,         urging you to reach invisible standards that are seen through the media and fashion world.
(8) A top-ten fashion count-down showing unrealistic
     fashions and body figures.
(9) This should be self-explanatory. This parody for the TV show Jersey Shore, is completely ridiculous with no point or meaning at all. Yet, consumers craves them, so the media delivers.
Overall, the montage, as a whole, is trying to broadcast a busy and fuzzy blur into what we hear and see.


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  2. I really interesting. Only thing is that, looking at the project as a whole some of your choices of videos doesn't quite work together. But good job!

  3. Thank you, so I'm guessing you didn't read the artist summary? I went through and explained in detail the choices of videos and justifying my thoughts and selection of each video for this project, but thank you for the review. :)


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